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Comb-spiral binding for calendars, agendas, booklets and books.

Complementing and folding of large-scale calendars and complementing of calendar windows

NEW SERVICE Stitch binding for printed works and booklets (1 stitch)

Hot-lamination or foil wrapping of commodities
Hot-lamination or foil wrapping of books or printings

Adding specific and different size inserts for printings

Gluing specific and different size inserts for printings into given place

Any kind manuell afterward processing of printings and books

NEW SERVICE Hole boring for the printed works, up to 6 holes (ø 3-9 mm) simultaneously

1 hole boring for printings (ø 3-9 mm)

NEW SERVICE Complementing of paper design products (e.g.photo albums, postcards, board games, etc.)

Unsorting commodities and printings, and recycling of foil and paper (carton, paperboard)

Piecing of board games, – cards, postcards series and the alike as handwork

Rounding of edges, from size of bank card up to A2.

Printissues barcode printing from database and gluing to printings

Printissues sorting by barcode and postcode (Estonian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegia, Danish)

Cutting of print work


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